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Fountain Industry
Focus on Fountain and Pool Industry for 11 years

Fountain Industry

Focus on Fountain and Pool Industry for 11 years

Fountain Fitting Supplier
Offering Fountain Pump, led Lights, Nozzles, Solenoid valve, etc.

Fountain Fitting Supplier

Offering Fountain Pump, led Lights, Nozzles, Solenoid valve, etc.

Online Store
One Station Solution for Fountain Landscape Lighting

Online Store

One Station Solution for Fountain Landscape Lighting

Fountain Industry

fountains related fitting sell and design,construction,maintenance.

Fountain Fitting Manufacture

manufacturing and trading fountain fitting in global market.

Convenient transportation logistics

The global coverage of the transportation network is very convenient for you.

Quality Certification

high-quality products with various international certificates.

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Pudisc was founded in 2008. It is an international manufacture and trader of fountain fitting that combines design, research, manufacture, sales and installation. The company mainly deals with the design and installation of the fountain, as well as the sale of the fountain equipment.

The company has a separate development team, an R & D team, a production team and a team to install fountains and fountains to meet the needs of different customers. Various equipment related to the fountain for export covers a wide range of products including fountains, underwater lights, nozzles, fountain solenoid valve, waterproof junction boxes, pumps, swimming pool lights and adjustable plastic pedestal. The products are recognized by global customers with reasonable prices for excellent products, of which 60% have UL, CSA, VDE, CE and ROHS certificates.


  • 2022 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Time

    2022 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Time

    2021 is coming to an end. Thank you for your support and trust to our company. Please be advised that our company will be closed from 20 Jan to 15 Feb for Chinese Lunar New Year holiday. Any orders placed after 20 Jan. will be scheduled to be produce ...   Read more

  • Raw Material Price Increase

    Raw Material Price Increase

    Affected by the “supply shortage” factor, the prices of raw materials such as copper, iron, aluminum, and plastics have continued to rise; due to the collective closure of large global oil refineries, chemical raw materials have soared al ...   Read more

  • Upgrade Factory Equipment For Led Underwater Lighting

    Upgrade Factory Equipment For Led Underwater Lighting

    The company now orders a set of LED chip packaging machine equipment to increase efficient for production. After the equipment is running normally, the cost can be reduced, underwater lights , fountain lights, underground lights and other related lan ...   Read more


Best Choice for Plastic Pedestal Systems

When creating the best residential experiences, some houses and villas like to have their own water fountains. Whether indoor or outdoor, these fountains can add a lot to a person’s experience. Even some commercial buildings have these additions to their areas now. But to create a long-lasting water fountain, you ... + Read more

Eco-friendly Floating Fountains

Nature is man’s best friend. It means there should be efforts made by man to protect it, and make it thrive. There may be many water sources around you that get dirty with time. Your pond or pool you installed some time ago may be getting filthy with algae, and teems with insects. That is when you know you need to get ... + Read more

Why we choose wall washer lights for outdoor landscape lighting?

Having a beautiful looking property is every property owner’s dream but putting it in the best light after sunset is usually a difficult aspect.  The wall washer lights for outdoor landscape lighting give highlights to the beauty of your property especially the intricate architecture and draws attention to the tr ... + Read more

Things to keep in mind while selecting led light for fountain

Learning how to select the ideal light for your fountain, house, garden, but rather patio can be an excellent way of ensuring you get the most from your water feature. The well-placed characteristic of water may be a great addition to every home or garden. The sensation of clean water is refreshing with your estate, an ... + Read more

How to find the best led underwater lights manufacturer in China?

The led underwater lights are very important to create the perfect ambiance and luxury for your swimming pool, water fountain, fish tank, pond, water garden, etc. After the innovation of LED underwater lights, it is becoming everyone’s favorite for having so many good sides. China is one of the leading LED underwater l ... + Read more

Advantages Of IP68 Stainless Steel Wall Washer Lights

The LED wall washer lights have fast become a popular lighting technique which is a design used to illuminate a large surface or space. They have become an important part of landscape lighting architecture making them the first choice for commercial and residential property developers as well as facility operators. The ... + Read more

Let’s Us Know More About Fountain Nozzles

Fountain nozzles are one of the significant criteria considered when designing a fountain. They are devices which are connected to fountain pump to create astonishing display of water in pool , fountain and all kinds of water jetting features. What is the material : it divide into copper and stainless steel material , ... + Read more

Public Place Water Fountain

From the ancient time, water fountain was very popular to create a creative work in someone’s house or in public places. At first it was used for supplying drinking water and also for daily uses like washing or bathing. Later, it became the part of decoration for people who were financially well off. They used to build ... + Read more

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