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Why do we need to choose a special solenoid valve for the fountain?

The valve is an accessory that adjusts, conducts and governs the swirl of a liquid by concluding or opening or moderately hindering the path. In this article, I will describe you about the solenoid valve. A fountain solenoid valve is used for the fountains also. Fountain solenoid valve is driven electromechanically.

There are different types of solenoid valves based on kind of fluid passing from them, the capacity of the magnetic field they generate, and the amount of electric current consumed. but today i want let you know fountain solenoid valve :

it made by stainless steel or brass material , with different connection size : 1/2′ ,1′, 1 1/2′, 2′ etc., NPT and G type threaded . normal is closed type , normal open type available also , it with different cost. we usually use direct lifting diaphragm type for fountain. following are our online catalog , you can know it from here.

fountain Solenoid valves have many advantages over conventional valves. It is very important to choose a good solenoid valve for following reasons:


Normal valves need to be manually controlled and it can prove to be a laborious and time-consuming task. To have automatic control over the water level, fountain solenoid valves can be used.

There are leading fountain equipment supplier from China where fountain solenoid valves can be easily accessed. Depending on the nozzle used in a fountain, a solenoid valve should be chosen as they control nozzle. So, solenoid valves must be chosen carefully keeping in mind that which nozzles are to be controlled from it. Solenoid valve dictates the interplay with each flow and finally the capacity of the running fountain.

In proper context, each nozzle should be equipped with its fountain solenoid valve but this task can also be fulfilled by using submersible pumps. In the framework of musical fountain or dancing fountain, using a control system to give functions the solenoid valves can be started or stopped easily.
In a musical or more appropriately dancing fountain the solenoid valve and LEDs are arranged sequentially.


Fountain Solenoid valve should be chosen in such a way that its material does not get hampered in continuous contact with water. As the minerals in the water may precipitate along the wall of valves, a solenoid valve whose material does not interact with them should be properly chosen. Solenoid valves can also be chosen based on the life of a particular fountain. There are many kinds of solenoid valves available that have the durability of the number of years.


Fountain Solenoid valve usage also depends upon its costs. A too high priced cost for an indoor fountain can be avoided, thus reducing the holistic price of setting a fountain.
As we have read above there are certain functions that go along with solenoid valve. A fountain solenoid valve is interlinked with other tools in the fountains that help it operate efficiently. Keeping in mind all the aspects of a fountain solenoid valve it is very crucial to have a special solenoid valve that suits the need of fountain that needs to implanted at the desired place.