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Adjustable Plastic Pedestal for Outdoor Floor

Brand: Pudisi

Model:  Plastic pedestal series

Payment: T/T, West Union, PayPal

Product origin: China

Lead time: 5 days around

Material: PP Plastic

Used for : Fountain,  flooring support system


adjustable plastic pedestal、 pedestal for tile、 floor pedestal、 pedestal for decking and other multipurpose pedestal support system. We providing professional multipurpose pedestal support products, solution and technical support services for garden landscape、mirror waters cape、 roof gardens, water feature、indoor decoration、 balcony decoration etc,.today we will show our new product to you ,let you know more about it .

What is adjustable plastic pedestal?

Adjustable plastic pedestal is supporting fitting for construction industry, it is a new type of building material introduced from Europe.  raw material is PP polypropylene. Mainly used in construction engineering and industrial fields,  for plane frame supporting , it could solve the issue of construction and maintenance work, and now are popular used in international market.


  • Compared with traditional concrete, cost are lower.
  • PP plastic material is environmentally friendly , it could be recycled and reused
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Adjustable height, support 70-990 mm, suit for any construction.
  • It has the advantages of strength, aging resistance, long life, strong weather resistance, and not being affected by cold, heat and humidity.

Components of Adjustable plastic pedestal:

It including base ,extender , head , fix collar, spacer tabs, shim ,joist cradle, you will see the components in following pictures.

Base: Try to keep it level and fixed it on ground .

Extender: it could adjust the height you want , every extender must use a fix collar.

Head: supporting surface , it could connect the extender or base fitting.

Spacer tabs;leave gaps between marbles (drainage and ventilation).

Shim:for Anti-slip, noise reduction, heightening, leveling.

Joist Cradle: Fixed Keel , for supporting various structures .

Assemble like this:

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you can know our adjustable plastic pedestal product from here:


With the development of the times, the adjustable plastic pedestal is not only used in the field of architecture, but also more in the garden landscape design.such as outdoor deck fountain ,The multi-functional product design gives designers unlimited imagination. It is used in modern construction engineering and industrial use.