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Hi This this Brown , the Owner of website , we are a professional manufacture + trading company of fountain fitting , led lights, fountain nozzle, solenoid valve , submersible pump, waterproof cable , controller are our business, our company have engaged in this more than 30 years , if you have any inquiry about it , contact me please .

today i will let you know our reputation in international market , make you know us easier.

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of course , they are satisfied our products after first deal , so don’t worry about our quality , we are a reliable manufacturer , Trust us.

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Russian Federation

we could help saving time to looking for a reliable manufacturer on internet , why not cooperating with us if our products with reasonable price and it is high quality .

Easy payment ( support credit card) , fast shipment (FedEx, DHL )and other competitive shipping method, we will find the best solution for you .




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