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Led Lights for Fountain

Fountains are an elegant and calming addition to any outdoor space, but they can be elevated to a whole new level with the addition of LED lights. The right led lights for fountain can transform a simple fountain into a stunning and mesmerizing focal point, and colorful LED lights are the perfect choice.

Why Use LED Lights for Fountains?

LED lights are the most energy-efficient type of lighting, so you can enjoy your illuminated fountain without worrying about high energy bills. Additionally, LED lights have a long lifespan, so you won’t have to worry about frequent bulb replacements.

Another advantage of LED lights is their versatility in creating various color effects. With a controller, you can program LED lights to change colors and create dynamic lighting displays that are synchronized with the movement of the water, such as 4 wires , dmx control led lights .

LED lights is waterproof, making them durable and suitable for use in wet environments like fountains. Finally, LED lights produce very little heat, making them safer to use near water.

Types of LED Lights for Fountain

There are many types of fountains that can be illuminated with LED lights, each offering a unique and captivating display. Some popular options include:

Underwater led lights : it is a name of all the lights used in underwater , underwater led lights for fountain is  a waterproof led lighting install underwater , IP level is 68 degree , used for fountain lighting , them has many installation method , such as stand type , recessed type , or clamp type etc,. Catalog: Underwater Led lights

Fountain led lights : a ring led lights , most of material  is aluminum , plastic or stainless steel , only few is copper material , lights with a center hole , it could install on pipe or ground depends on the type of fountain ,Catalog : Fountain led lights

Floating Fountain LED Lighting kits:  it is a complete lighting system , including led lights , cable , transformer , controller , connector etc,.  you can plug in 110V direct ,  then it will working . A floating fountain is an interesting and unique option that can add an unexpected element of movement to your outdoor space. LED lights can highlight the floating fountain and add a beautiful glow at night.

Pool LED Lights for fountain: pool led lights is wall mounted type , it like a underground lights , it’s recessed installation method , it are wide used for deck fountain and pool water feature, Adding LED lights to this type of fountain creates a magical and captivating ambiance . Catalog: Pool LED Lights For Fountain

deck fountain led lights

How to Choose LED Lights for Your Fountain ?

When choosing LED lights for your fountain, consider the following factors:

Material: according your fountain to choose the material, plastic , aluminum , stainless steel available . usually we choose stainless steel material led lights for outdoor fountain.

Brand:  ensure your led lights is reliable we recommend you choose XinYuanHui led lights for your fountain 

Brightness: Ensure that the LED lights you choose are bright enough to illuminate your fountain and surrounding area, you can send us inquiry if you don’t know how to choose wattage.

Color: Decide on the color scheme you want for your fountain, White color , RGB and RGBW are hot sales,.

Waterproofing: Make sure that the LED lights you choose are waterproof and suitable for use in wet environments.

Control: Consider whether you want a controller to program your LED lights and create dynamic lighting displays, there are Auto changing , 4 wires and dmx control available, different control method with different lighting effect.

In conclusion, LED lights are a perfect addition to any fountain and can transform a simple water feature into a stunning and captivating focal point. Choose LED lights that suit your needs and enjoy a beautifully illuminated outdoor space.