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  • Learn More About Fountain

    Learn More About Fountain

    The fountain is constructed by nature or naturally formed to spray a beautiful water pose for people to watch. The fountain is an important landscape. It is a kind of waterscape art, which reflects the combination of dynamic and static, forming a bright and lively atmosphere and giving people a beau ...

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  • The Three Systems of Fountain

    The Three Systems of Fountain

    Urban garden landscapes continue to increase, and the construction of various fountain water features can be seen everywhere. Today, many squares and parks in various cities have beautiful music fountain designs. Various fountains, colorful lights and beautiful music make for a pleasant night scene, ...

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  • The Origin Of the Fountain

    The Origin Of the Fountain

    Fountain refers to spring water that  sprayed out from underground; especially refers to artificial water spray equipment. The fountain is a combination of water or other liquid that has a specific shape sprayed through the nozzle under the pressure. today most of fountains are part of the landscap ...

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