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How to make remote control led lights for fountain

Creating remote-controlled LED lights for  fountain can be a fun and rewarding project. it could help you make your fountain colorful and controlable . we will let you know how to make remote control led lights if  you want decaration your garden , floating fountain and pool  , Here’s a basic guide to help you get started.

So What material we need preparing ?

1. Fountain led lights :

LED lights suitable for outdoor use., must be IP68 waterproof level , stainless steel material is ok , DC24V is the best for our case , Make sure they come with a remote control ( 4 wires or dmx control ) , 2 wires remote control are unstable, sometims out of control .  led lights color we choose RGB or RGBW for fountain .

2.Controller box:

it is most important in led lighting , we need to use this products to control led lighting , it including a DC24V power supply , RGB controller , led power repeater and electrical box . the RGB controller with a remote controller , you can control the color within 20 M. Controller box we need put in a dry place . about this product we can custom-made for you , just let me know the total wattge , color of lights .

3. Wateroof Cable:

From the controller to lights with long distance i think , we need consider the size of cable if long distance , usually we choose  H07RN-F 4*1 cable . the plug with 1.5M cable . install the lights , connect all the fitting , plug in elecity then our product will work .

4.Waterproof Connector:

Waterproof connector is for cable and lights connection , RGB lights must use 4 pin connector T type . we can connect all lights use connector.

Above are all what we need ,  it’s easy after reading . if you want to buy the complete kits click this :

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