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How to Make fountain ?

Acctually make fountain are easy , but do you know how to make it ?   usually a fountain consist of pipe , pump , cable , nozzles , led lights and control system .today let me show you how to make fountain and what material we need ?

dmx water pump

first we must know what size fountain we make , how many nozzles and pump we need . now gather your materials, You may need:

A large pot or bowl , we can use it indoor or outdoor .
A water pump.  it’s dmx fountain pump are better , then needs dmx controller or dmx software.
Pipe and Nozzles . pipe for connect  pump and nozzles if the site heighter than pump+nozzle . there are more about fountain nozzels
Some rocks or pebbles, it for decoration .
Led Lights, if you don’t know which lights you need you can see our led fountain lights.
DC24V power supply , 350W is ok if one pump and lights .

Second install the material , connect to dmx pump and nozzles then put in your site , maybe is a pot or bowl ? outdoor tank ? pool ?

the end is test our fountain . we can use our PC to control dmx pump , make the water up and down , change the water flow or programming your fountain , you will make your fountain live if you good at programming ,the follwing is fountain which each nozzles with a dmx pump .

so we can make a fountain easy no matter big or small size , right?

We must keep the water clear so that the dmx pump with long life span , this combination( dmx water pump+ nozzles) coud use for deck fountain and water fountain .

Add some rocks or pebbles to your fountain. The rocks or pebbles will help to keep the pump in place and will also provide a nice visual effect.