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Know more about fountain solenoid valve

Fountain Solenoid valve are commonly used in fountains to control the flow of water. A solenoid valve is an electromechanical device that uses an electromagnetic coil to control the movement of a plunger or piston within the valve, which opens or closes a valve port to allow or restrict the flow of water.

Fountain Solenoid valve

such as running fountain , musical fountain , dancing fountain , it control the open/close of the nozzle to come true the different water effect , usually we use normal closed solenoid valve for fountain.

In a fountain, fountain solenoid valve can be used to control the timing, direction, and flow rate of water. For example, a solenoid valve can be used to turn on and off a water jet at specific intervals, or to change the direction of the water flow to create different fountain effects , it installation like this :

Fountain installation

Our fountain solenoid valve has brass and stainless steel material , 3/4′ , 1′ , 1 1/2′ etc,. it’s waterproof , mainly used for fountain , you can view: Fountain Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valve are also used in fountain filtration systems , jet fountain and fire fountain . fountain filtration systems to control the flow of water  through different stages of the filtration process. By using solenoid valves, the fountain can maintain a consistent flow rate and ensure that the water is properly filtered and treated before being reused in the fountain. jet fountain mainly control the air ,the pressure produced by the air compressor is stored in the tank, and the switch of the tank is controlled by a solenoid valve.

Overall, fountain solenoid valve are an important component in the operation and control of fountains, allowing for precise and reliable control of water flow and direction.