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Dry Deck Musical Fountain 2021

Dry deck fountain, also called dry land fountain, dry fountain. Refers to placing the fountain facilities underground, and setting up the nozzles and lights below the mesh cover

When fountain is working, the water column passes through the deck through the sprinklers. The pool, nozzles, lights, and other fountain equipment are hidden below the ground. The ground is a flat square covered with marble.

When the fountain out of service, it can be used for pedestrians to walk and play. The dry deck fountain not only takes up leisure space, but also can provide a place for tourists to play near the water.

DMX512 Fountain led lights with nozzles 215 set . it from our another client ,  it’s so beautiful,  hard to believe, let’s see it :

Dry deck fountain is suitable for squares, parks, shopping malls, buildings, street scene communities and other places