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Eco-friendly Floating Fountains

Nature is man’s best friend. It means there should be efforts made by man to protect it, and make it thrive. There may be many water sources around you that get dirty with time. Your pond or pool you installed some time ago may be getting filthy with algae, and teems with insects. That is when you know you need to get an eco-friendly floating fountain.

This fountain is very easy to install, and you don’t need the help of an expert to get it up and running. Just plug it in a socket and there you have a great fountain right in the middle of your pond.


The eco-friendly floating fountains come with LED Underwater lights installed. That is so that you have that gorgeous brightness and glow after the Sun goes down.

Similar to LED underwater lights, there are multiple colored lights available. It is your personal preference whether you like plain white or multi-colored lights. You will see magical radiance spreading in the vicinity of your pond. The beauty will be enhanced several folds.

Inside the box, there is usually a 50-feet long wire. That ensures that you don’t need an extension to get the required connection.

These floating fountains usually have fluids made of vegetable oils. This will guarantee environmental safety even if there is a leak in the fountain.

How are these fountains eco-friendly?

The fountain nozzles are so oriented as to let a lot of water circulate through them. Circulation of water gets rid of several bad things that accumulated in your pond or you pool over time.

One of the major benefits of these eco-friendly floating fountains is the prevention from bottom sediments. If there are sediments at the bottom of your pool, they will start accumulating to the top making your pool unclean.

Another benefit is by prevention of algae formation. Algae are those greenish creatures that may accumulate inside your pond’s walls or bottom making it look gross and smelly. The regular circulation of water by the floating fountain will make sure there are no algae in your pond. Thus, you’ll have a clean and odorless pond.

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest creatures alive. They look small, but the diseases they cause like dengue and malaria can really jeopardize the health of large populations. You don’t want to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the pool fountain lights at night and contract a disease.

Good news is these floating fountains are your ultimate saviors against the diseases. They don’t let water get stagnant which is a good location for mosquitoes to grow. So, besides being charming your fountains will save you from these deadly creatures.

With all the health and nature friendly features mentioned above, these fountains are one of the best choices in the market. They make you get the most of your pond while maintaining everything nicely. It’s never too late to make the right choice. Get off the couch, and get your eco-friendly floating fountain now!