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  • LED Fountain Lights Tips

    LED Fountain Lights Tips

    LED Fountain Lights is an LED light source from the red, green, and blue components(RGB basic color) of the mixture changes color underwater lighting fountains, theme parks, water feature, commercial and artistic lighting. What tips we will give you:   Stainless steel material with better heat ...

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  • How to Choose Quality LED Underwater Lights ?

    How to Choose Quality LED Underwater Lights ?

    When dealing with underwater lighting, fixture quality is very important. Remember that when you are installing Pudisc LED Underwater Lights, the fixtures of cast aluminum material are close to the ground or underwater where moisture can threaten their lifespan, Lighting fixtures are prone to corros ...

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  • Learn More About Fountain

    Learn More About Fountain

    In past time ,fountain is constructed by nature or naturally formed but now could construction by human. but we don’t know more information about fountain .so today we figure out the fountain landscape categories and classified, that is help us know more about fountain. The fountain landscape ...

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  • The Three Systems of Fountain

    The Three Systems of Fountain

    Urban garden landscapes continue to increase, and the construction of various fountain water features can be seen everywhere. Today, many squares and parks in various cities have beautiful music fountain designs. Various fountains, colorful lights and beautiful music make for a pleasant night scene, ...

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  • The Origin Of the Fountain

    The Origin Of the Fountain

    Fountain refers to spring water that  sprayed out from underground; especially refers to artificial water spray equipment. The fountain is a combination of water or other liquid that has a specific shape sprayed through the nozzle under the pressure. today most of fountains are part of the landscap ...

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