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Let’s Us Know More About Fountain Nozzles

Fountain nozzles are one of the significant criteria considered when designing a fountain. They are devices which are connected to fountain pump to create astonishing display of water in pool , fountain and all kinds of water jetting features.

What is the material :

it divide into copper and stainless steel material , it better choose stainless steel , Copper material will change surface color in the air if long time.

depends on the water shape it has a lot of items, if you want see our catalog view this : Fountain Nozzles Online Catalog

it will show you different type , if you are interested in please let me know it .


Water Nozzles Function:

  1. These nozzles can be used for commercial display, water garden, and aquaculture, to mention a few.
  2. They are specifically for adding a special visual feature to water. And they also help to add oxygen and aerate.
  3. The fountain nozzles are connected to fountain to provide a specific pattern of outflow of water. The fountain nozzles series contains different types of nozzles which are used for different purposes as mentioned above.

They are used for creating special effect in fountain jet. They can also be used for commercial, decorative and residential purposes. There uses for residential purpose include the use of water jets which leap high into the atmosphere. For commercial purposes, these include using them in the garden. They jet water in different direction into the atmosphere which falls back on plants. This covers a wide range of coverage.

Types of flows that fountain heads create

  • Common Traditional Flow:

this is commonly known since it the most easily acquired and relatively the cheapest among the Fountain nozzles series. It is the normal flow of water, and it requires pumping water via the fountain nozzle.
This particular type of nozzle does not have any kind of special attribute. The outlets are usually without any technical structure. The effect it produces on water jet is not different from that of a tap or garden hose. They are typically cylindrical in shape, and they have holes of varying pattern and size.

  • White water:

this is also very common. The ‘white water’ forms because air is allowed to be taken in via the nozzle. The air mixes with water flow before it reaches the brim of the fountain nozzle. This is what causes the whitish color and frothy appearance. If fountain lighting is applied, this flow is very suitable. The water causes an equal reflection of the light. Out of the fountain nozzle series the most commonly known nozzles for this particular style or effect is the foam heads and geyser jet.

  • Laminar Flow:

this fountain head is new. The water’s jet has crystal-clear glass appearance. The tube of the flow of the water does not separate in this case, therefore it suitable for making arks and other stunning effects. The type of nozzle that can cause this type of flow is smooth bores.

  • Film Jet:

this flow creates a very clear film of the flow of water. It is directed downwards unlike the aforementioned flows. This is achieved as a result of the water being pumped on a smooth and curve plate. Bell nozzles, water blade and fan blade nozzles are specifically made for this kind of flow.

In conclusion, nozzles are made for different reasons. The choice of nozzle is very sensitive as it determines the kind of flow you get.