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Pond Fountain Nozzles Heads Sale Price

tem No. : Pudisc Fountain Heads

Material:Brass or 304 stainless steel

Connection Size: DN20,DN25,DN40,DN50

Working pressure:30-80Kpa;


Jet Height:0.2-1M;

Mainly for : Pool ,Pond ,Fountain etc.,

Still looking for fountain nozzles?  fountain heads? want to know nozzles sale price?
ok, come on here find which you want ,  at Pudisc.com we carry a large variety of pool fountain nozzles ,fountain head, pool nozzles and pond jet and many more. material in plastic ,brass, stainless steel ,price from 5USD .

Pond plastic fountain nozzles with pump

Plastic fountain nozzles with pump almost of them used for home garden. You can use it to create beautiful decoration for your garden, pond or other indoor and outdoor landscape. Since the pump is detachable, you can use the pump to water for garden sparying, this pump and fountain kits are perfect for indoor and outdoor fountains, pond and hydroponic systems.

-Detachable RGB LED color change light, creating beautiful effect at night
-fountain nozzles are made with hight quality ABS material, easy to assemble and change to other type of nozzles.
-Completely submersible pump.
-Power Saving and durable.
-Safety and corrosion preventive.

Fountain heads for outdoor fountains

Brass and stainless steel material fountain heads mainly for outdoor fountain, there are many type available, know more about detail please view our  e-catalog .

Those fountain heads are widely used for fountain. it provides options for different decorative water displays in fountains, it allow you to control the direction of water flow and aerate the water by introducing oxygen to your water feature.no matter you just want the price or fountain enthusiast, we can discussing.

-Made in stainless steel or copper material , corrosion resistant and durable in use.
-Thousand type fountain heads available. DN15,DN20,DN25 etc,.
-With beautiful shape and convenient installation, it can be adapted to a wide range of ponds and fountains.
– Good quality ,at least 5 years warranty.

Our products are widely used in the commercial, comprehensive architecture projects and private properties. Pudisc carries wide selections of fountain equipment with high quality. We work directly fountain companies, pool installation companies and property owners.