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In past time ,fountain is constructed by nature or naturally formed but now could construction by human. but we don’t know more information about fountain .so today we figure out the fountain landscape categories and classified, that is help us know more about fountain.

The fountain landscape can be broadly divided into two categories:

First, according to the terrain structure of the site, it is made by following the natural waterscape, such as: wall spring, fountain, fog spring, pipe flow, stream, waterfall, water curtain, water drop, water wave, vortex, etc.

The second is to rely entirely on fountain equipment for artificial landscaping. This kind of waterscape is widely used in the construction field, and its development speed is very fast. There are various kinds of music fountains, program-controlled fountains, swinging fountains, running fountains, bright fountains, fun fountains, super-high fountains, and laser water curtain movies.

The fountain can be classified as follows

(1) Ordinary decorative fountain: a fixed fountain composed of various flower patterns.
(2) Fountains combined with sculpture: fountains and sculptures form a landscape together.
(3) Water sculpture: The posture of various large water columns is shaped by artificial and mechanical to form a landscape.
(4) Self-control fountain: Using electronic technology, according to the design procedure to control water, lights, sound, color, etc., to form a strange, changing landscape.
(5) Musical fountain: The fountain that is currently the most widely used, as described later.
(6) Other types: In addition to the above types, there are also high fountains, dry fountains, stacked fountains, musical fountains, running fountains, jumping fountains, floating fountains, music running fountains, etc. Form a unique water feature.