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How to Choose Quality LED Underwater Lights ?

When dealing with underwater lighting, fixture quality is very important. Remember that when you are installing Pudisc LED Underwater Lights, the fixtures of cast aluminum material are close to the ground or underwater where moisture can threaten their lifespan, Lighting fixtures are prone to corrosion which will hurt the lamp body , but in stainless steel or brass material , you needn’t worry about . that is reason why we recommend to you choose high qualtity material.

Plastic , Cast aluminum ,Brass or Stainless steel Material LED Underwater Lights?

High-quality led waterproof lights may be constructed out of brass, copper or stainless steel. IP68 waterproof level, could long time working in underwater

Brass and copper have the advantage of better weathering corrosive environmental elements , could used in underwater but that with highly cost .

Stainless steel is most competitive material in those , Corrosion resistant,Economic ,Environmental protection. IP68 waterproof level ,could long time working in underwater. so we recommend to you.

Most cast aluminum  use recycled aluminum and as a result they have impurities. no matter close ground or underwater These fixtures will very quickly start to pit and corrode in as little as one year , the price cheaper than stainless steel , but cast alumium led lighting fixture with good transfer heat .

At last, plastic material is cheapest lamp body for underwater use.but only offer under 6W led chip, small 66 power led chip .

From Above, High-quality led underwater lights in brass, copper or stainless steel. so next time we know how to choose quality led products.