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What is Pudisc and what do they offer?

What is Pudisc? Pudisc full name Pudisc Import and Export Trade Corporation limited is basically a fountain equipment manufacturer and its International trader too.

This company is responsible for the designing of the equipment, its researching responsibilities, the production process, import and export of the products and the best of them all, their installation in the fountains. Pudisc has become a Brand in itself and has built an empire in the world. They have now been famous due to the manufacturing of Led Fountain lights. These fountain lights help to increase beauty and attractiveness in the fountains which leads to the increase in popularity of the person. At night, it is difficult to even see a fountain. The Led Fountain lights help to enlighten the fountain along with increasing its beauty.

When was Pudisc established? Pudisc was established in the year 2008 in China. Since then it has been the trader of the Led lights and has also become an international seller if fountain products. Led Underwater lights have also been established. They help to change the look of the colour of the fountain while staying under water. These lights are waterproof and are not affected under water.

Division of Pudisc Import and Export Trade Corporation:

To decrease the hectic routine and to increase the quality of the products this corporation is divided into 4 parts or factories:

  1. Neijiang Yinping Machinery parts manufacturing factory: this factory is established to only manufacture the different parts of the fountains.such as fountain nozzles.
  2. XYH Optoelectronic Technology Corporation: this part of the Pudisc has been established to create fountain lights, which have now become so popular that even huge mansions have these fountain lights installed in them. Nowadays Fountain Pool Lights have also been created. These lights help to enlighten the pools during pool parties or even for the decoration purposes of the pool.
  3. Water Show Design Corporation: this part of the corporation was developed to handle the water dance manufacturing equipment of the fountains.
  4. Beijing Oriental Water Environmental Technology: this factory works to construct and maintain the parts of the fountain and other equipment too.

What does Pudisc offer?

As mentioned earlier that Pudisc is a mountain parts manufacturing industry but it does several other works too. Pudisc offers a combination of designing of the fountain products as explained by the customers or sometimes they also create custom designs, which are the representative of the corporation, along with this, research on adding a new feature in the fountain also occurs here. Whereas to look after the import and export of the products, they have made a special authority whose only work is to export the fountain equipment and import different manufacturing parts.

They perform another main and the basic function of looking after the maintenance of the products. For the purpose of installation of their products, they have hired special master workers who are to reach the customer’s home and install the designed parts as directed by the customer.