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About Fountain Nozzles Opinion

In daily life , we will see different type fountain on street , hotel, plaza, A wonderful fountain consist of nozzles, pump , lights ,pipeline, other fountain equipment etc.,  but do you know more about it ? in this ,we will sharing some about fountain nozzles opinion.

What is water fountain nozzles?

it is designed for fountain,other name is fountain head, fountain jet, material from stainless steel , brass or plastic, the water through the nozzles could make different shape . it is necessary equipment no matter what size of fountain . according the fountain size and requirement you can choose different type nozzles.

From my opinion , stainless steel is a stable material , it doesn’t like copper lose the original color in air.

What kinds of fountain nozzles size you have?

the size from DN15-DN150 , connect with your fountain pipeline, please consider the waterpress.

There are how many type fountain nozzles?

it’s so many , but you can know more about from from e catalog: https://www.pudisc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Fountain-Nozzle.pdf
all the nozzles used for fountain , different nozzles type with different water shape .if you don’t know how to choose the nozzle type when you prepare built a fountain , maybe we can help you.

we accept custom-made different nozzle, but the cost are highly. if you with large quantities order ,that not a problem.

About digtal nozzles you can leave a message to me.

How about you nozzles price and quality?

depends on the type and material , the size also control the price. but i think that is help saving at least 50% cost if you are import fountain equipment. all the nozzles with 5 years warranty .

With the Pudisc fountain nozzles, different water patterns can be created to fit your taste, make you fountain more live. The fountain nozzles can be staged in combination with fountain led lighting fixture.