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Outdoor Water Fountain With Quality LED Lights


Model: XYH170XZGK-50

Payment: T/T, West Union, PayPal

Product Origin: China

Lead time: 10 days around

Material: 304/316 Stainless Steel

Used for : Fountain, Pool and Outdoor Landscape Lighting


Make your fountain beautiful  with professional quality outdoor water fountain with led lights that do not leak, rust or corrode;  outdoor fountain with led lights  are bright, energy efficient, and attractively styled, making them perfect for virtually any underwater application. Ideal for installation in ponds, aquariums, waterfalls, water features, fountains, docks, and in marine environments.

Lights Parameter:

These outdoor fountain with lights are waterproof (IP68 rating) and submersible. They feature a 316 /304 cast stainless steel housing and trim face and come standard with a clear glass trim.

Size:Dia:170MM, Height:45MM
Power:9*1W ,12*1W ,9*3W, 12*3W
Control:4 Wires or DMX/RDM
Voltage:12V,24V AC/DC
Color:RGB ,RGBW , Single color
Glass:Step-tempered 8mm thickness glass
Lens:Optical, >85% efficient
Center Hole50MM with thread
IP degree:IP68

3 in 1 led chip Lights must be fully submerged  to prevent overheating (above 27W)

Increase colorful around your home and outdoor living areas with bright energy efficient outdoor Fountain LED lights

All the lights passed quality certification, Perfect for outdoor water fountain lighting application of ponds, waterfalls, streams, fountains.

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