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How to keep your fountain’s water level perfect?

It is very good to have a fountain of your own. It looks so pleasant and attractive to your eyes. Looking at it just makes your brain feel more soothing. But to feel these experiences and enjoy the peacefulness you need to put in some efforts too. Don’t worry the efforts are not very tedious tasks. These simple and lucid ways can prove very beneficial to kee your fountains water level perfect for it to work smoothly. Let us have a look at these ways describe below:

Observe the water level

You should ensure the proper level of water by observing its level every day. Check whether the amount of water level does not fall below the tube of your fountain pump. Also, do check the water level does not fall below the LED fountain lights placed in the fountain as they water distributes heat. If the water levels fall below it then LED underwater lights may get warmed up and pool fountain lights may not work properly and get fused because of overheating.


If you live in an arid environment or a tropical country then there are more chances of your fountains water level falling. This may happen due to evaporation. In this case, always check the amount of water level and ensure to refill the source of the fountain with fresh water. In the hot months especially the water level falls faster than winter and these conditions water needs to be replenished and level needs to be maintained.

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Water may be getting away from leaks. Precisely and observe any leak present in your fountain and try to repair or fill it by emptying the fountain water. If still water is reducing faster then it may be due to some other leaks or faults in fountain nozzles.


Water may also deplete from your fountain if animals use it for drinking purposes. In such cases don’t harm the animals. It a benevolent thing to provide animals with water. With no sources of natural reservoirs in the periphery, they may have no option left. Always add fresh water to your fountain to maintain the desired level and keep on doing the good and receive the blessings. The water level may also be reduced if a bird takes a bath in it. This may lead to the splashing of water so leading to a decrease in water. Just fill it back to maintain the desired level of water.


Damage to the pump of the pipe may also lead to loss of water from the sources. In such cases, pumps should be repaired or pipes are replaced with new ones and then water to the desired level can be maintained.

Automatic water leveling

Water level to the desired level can be maintained by automatic machines. These machines sense the reduction in the level and add the necessary amount from the reservoir that was made for this particular purpose.