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Customize Quality Water Splash LED Lights

Brand: XYH or Pudisc

Model: New Design Type 230GMKH-C

Payment: T/T, West Union, PayPal

Product origin: China

Warranty: 2 Years

Lead time: 10 days around

Material: 304/316 Stainless Steel

Used for : Fountain, Water Splash Lighting


New customize water splash led lights  mainly for outdoor water feature , water splash or dry fountain , opening a hole on concrete for installing . Neat appearance and superior workmanship make our products more attractive.

On material , workmanship or structure , Water splash lights are different other  , it is a high quality led lights products  , of course , with a better price.


We can get some information from following:

high quality fountain lights


Quality 304 Cast Stainless Steel , Support 316 Material ( With MOQ). Cast stainless steel surface electrophoresis deal.
Choose brand Cree led chip , RGB color 9*1W . support RGBW color or RGBWW color.
Import small size led lens , Increase light transmission ,make the mixed color more pure.
Self designed DMX512 led driver (DC24V in lamp body) or normal led driver ,  dimming available with 2 years warranty .
European standard cable H05RN-F , long time used in underwater without any problem.

Quality Certificate:

Design Structure:

Recycled water :you needn’t worry about leaking water in your pool , water will return to the pool when the fountain is working.  Water through our cover of lights reflux into the pool. the cover size changeable.
Center Hole With different type nozzles: this type lights support different type fountain nozzles , connect with nozzle, it’s fixed with lamp . make all the fountain fixtures More natural, it’s looks like a whole device instead of split.
Load-bearing design: stainless steel material with 5mm thickness, 10mm tempered glass, make sure across human and cars are safety.
Control system : DMX512  or RDM control system make your fountain lighting running , multi color,dimming,editable , if you are a technology stuff ,i think this fountain will be live.   this type lights support 4 wires control also if you want .


Water splash area  , plaza dry fountain , water landscape ,water feature etc.,