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RGB 4-Wires Controller for Fountain

Iteam Name: led remote controller

Input Voltage: 12~24V DC

Max Output Power: 216W/432W(12V/24V)

RF Remote Distance: 100m

Warranty: 5 Years

Used For: LED lighting ,Fountain


RGB 4-wires controller with another name is led remote controller, mainly used for small water fountain and landscape lighting, support compatible with RF
remote (100m control distance).

led remote controller is a multi-functional RGB LED controller, use the advanced PWM (Pu se-Width Modulation) control technique, built-in 32 kinds of changing mode. Smooth changing effect without flicker;

PC engineering plastic shell, exquisite appearance. The receiver has 8 keys, which are used for namely ON/OFF, PAUSE, MODE+/-, SPEED+/-, BRT+/-, compatible with RF remote (100m control distance).

12~24V DC wide voltage input, 3CH output (common anode), widely used for all kinds of LEDs with current-limiting resistor, like RGB LED modules, LED strips, SMD and so on.

Connect Way:

Input Voltage: 12~24V DC                                                           Max Current Load: 6A × 3CH
Max Output Power: 216W/432W(12V/24V)                                   RF Remote Distance: 100m
Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz                                                       Dimensions: L211×W40×H30(mm)
Remote Output Power: 8mW                                                         Package Size: L313×W50×H32(mm)
Weight (G.W.): 240g                                                                      Working Temp.: -30℃ ~ 55℃

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