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Why we choose wall washer lights for outdoor landscape lighting?

Having a beautiful looking property is every property owner’s dream but putting it in the best light after sunset is usually a difficult aspect.  The wall washer lights for outdoor landscape lighting give highlights to the beauty of your property especially the intricate architecture and draws attention to the trees and vegetation on the property. Outdoor landscape lighting makes use of stepped-down light from the house which makes them work optimally with low voltage. They have taken over the traditional outdoor lighting systems. It is very affordable to obtain as well as to install and it has great lighting effects that are achieved all thanks to LED technology.

Types of Lighting

  • Ambient lighting; this type of lighting can be achieved by wall lights, hanging lights, post lights and recessed lights
  • Task lighting. this includes deck, security and pathway lights.
  • Accent lighting; for your patios.

Tips for your outdoor landscape lighting

  • Forecast:  you need to know how much lighting you need and how much space it requires to avoid too bright or too dim lighting.
  • Use a combination of the three types of lighting for a better outcome.
  • Fixtures:  choose the right fixtures so that you don’t get one that is too large or too small.
  • Use LED wall washer lights:They are much more energy-efficient than the traditional lighting methods with little or no maintenance cost.
  • Security: Ensure that all points of entry into your home are properly lit and illuminate all parts of the exterior that are in the shadows.
  • Make use of subtle light for entertainment:Avoid using a bright spotlight for your outdoor rooms such as the dining areas. use soft glow lighting which helps create a relaxing mood.

What are benefits of choosing wall washer lights?

  •    Waterproof . IP68 wall washer lights illuminate the outside of your building and gives you easy movement at night which enables you to freely and safely move around patios, decks, and passageways.
  •    Security: It works well to provide adequate security to your outdoor space, illuminating every nook and cranny most especially entry and exit points.
  •    Beautification: The LED wall washer lights for outdoor landscape lighting brings out the beauty in your outdoor space by illuminating entryways and pathways. It comes in a variety of finishes, large and mini sizes, and styles that give your outdoor space the best look possible.

Functionality: With a wide variety of colors, temperatures, and fixtures, you get to create amazing lighting effects as well as easy control using the different applications and timers. By just touching a switch, you can control multiple layers that you can dim to create the lighting of entirely different compositions.

Savers of energy: Apart from giving your exterior those good looks, the LED wall washer lights are energy-efficient lighting technologies because of the low voltage they require to operate. This saves clients a lot of money by keeping down the cost of electricity.