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Copper Material RGB Underwater LED lights for Fountain

Brand: Pudisc

Model: 155T-SE

Payment: T/T, West Union, PayPal

Product origin: China

Lead time: 20 days around

Material: Copper

Used for : Fountain, Waterscape,Lighting

Our underwater LED light for fountain features a gorgeous multi color range, that you can play around with to create a gorgeous setting. Powered by a 4-core RGBW LED chip, you can easily create an alluring and sensual spectrum of colors.
As the RBG light showcases the basic red, blue, green, and white hues; that you can adjust to create a spectacular setting. A heavy-duty underwater LED light for fountains that comes with efficient luminaires specially designed to work underwater.


Item No. Pudisc155T
Diameter: 155MM
Wattage: 6W,18W
Color: Single color or RGB
Led Chip: Eipstar
Control; 4 wires control or DMX,RDM
Cable: H05RN-F 1M
Designed to work smoothly underwater.

These RGB LED lights are perfect for any small to a medium-sized fountain.

As you can place them together or at a distance to create a stunning impact. Offering you complete coverage and setting range of your choice.

Production Line:

  • Created using premium grade materials the underwater LED lights for fountain comes with a simple to set-up and durable setting that works smoothly. Making sure every light can be installed in a matter of minutes, so you can move towards creating the perfect setting depending on the occasion, mood, and setting around it.
  • With low power consumption, you get a powerful working system that is achieved using a copper body. With a smooth heat dissipation system, you can ensure safety or any kind. So you can enjoy it’s smooth and stylish design and working for years to come.
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Professional Team: