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1: The user in the product specified voltage range, the correct use of the environment, in the product warranty , due to product quality problems caused by damage to the product (except for force majeure), by the company to repaired , can not be repaired by the company given Compensation. Which the resulting transportation costs borne by the Company.
2: due to user fault caused by man-made damage, the company does not give compensation.
3: If the user requests the company to repair the product which overtake the warranty period, the company will be based on the degree of damage , and receive appropriate maintenance costs, which generated by the user to bear the cost of transportation.
4: the company’s warranty of products:
The company’s LED products for 12 months warranty, some products for 24 months warranty, 
other equipment 12 months warranty, some products for 24 months warranty. 
calculated from the date of shipment.

If the user does not know how to use and install the product please contact us.